TERMS OF USEPhoenix Cycles

What reason do I register?

Register for Phoenix Cycles Company provide  the necessary data to allow the processing of your orders placed online is required.

Can only finalize your order is registered on our website.

To register simply select the Register option where you will be shown a form to Registration Client.
The username and password will be recorded and sent to your inbox, save them for use in subsequent orders.

To facilitate a correct reception, put our email address in your contact list.
All personal data requested are for internal use only  Phoenix Cycles Company. For more details, see our privacy policy.

When registering, you may receive periodically in your email product information and news.
What are the payment methods available?

Phoenix Cycles Company in the following forms of payment are accepted:

  • Wire transfer;
  • Paypal (You can pay with credit cards).

What are the available shipping methods?

  • View details of Ports / Shipping

How long will it take for the order?

When you make a purchase in our store delivery procedure selected by the customer will be made.

  • View details of Ports / Shipping

As the shopping basket work?

The Shopping Basket is virtually the set of products they selected for purchase. Whenever you want to put a new product on your order, please add the product to the basket with the add button.

If you want to withdraw or modify your order product, should enter the shopping basket and click on the corresponding icon (X) of the basket to make the necessary changes.

The purchase order will be made only after completing all form data, have sent the order to buy the Phoenix Cycles Company and received a message that the order was processed correctly.

How can I find the product you want?

Browsing by product families to find or conducting a search for keywords in the search field at the top of each page. Should you not find the product you want, do not hesitate to contact us.

How do I make a return?

The customer has a period of 15 days after the date of delivery of the goods to make the return of the goods and be refunded the amount thereof, excluding transport costs if the return is the following:

  • Exchanged item;
  • Malfunction;
  • Error in the order;
  • Delivery in poor condition.

Is borne by the customer, the costs of transport, where the product has been ordered so deceived by the customer.

Only merchandise returns since no signs of use, are in perfect storage conditions and accompanied by original packaging, accessories with their seals intact inviolability and shall submit his bill will be accepted.

The corresponding refund within 30 days, staying in assigned area My client transactions will be made.

All information, prices, product images or among others, may be changed without notice.