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Following our strategy of promoting bicycle products that stand out for their quality, originality, design and functionality, it is with great satisfaction that we announce another partnership, this time with the Copenhagen Parts. We are exclusive distributors of this great brand and its products to the Portuguese and Spanish market.


By combining magnets and LEDs we have created a bike light that looks good, works well and can be fitted and removed instantly – ‘cool and convenient’ you might say.

Magnetic Bike Lights

360 view? Click here

Magnets and steel tubes were an obvious match. But to get it just right we’ve spent countless hours selecting the right components and perfecting the details so that the lights will fit to different frames and stay put. The prototypes have been tested for several months so as to make sure that they:

  • Are easy to fit anywhere on the frame
  • Have the right angle to optimize visibility to other road-users
  • Stay put; regardless of the road surface

The lens is designed to illuminate from the sides as well as straight-on to increase visibility. The fact that they can be placed anywhere on the frame without fittings also makes it possible to use multiple sets to further aid visibility to other road users.

Magnetic bike light follows new danish regulations for bicycle lights which has the highest standards we have come across.

Steady/Flash? Has 2 option: Steady and Flash


Bike Porter – an integrated handlebar and basket.

Old-school basket weave is fine if that is your thing, but what real choice is there if you care about how your bike looks, and your style is more urban than country cottage? What if you ride a stylish single-speed but you also want to carry bags and groceries? Our response? The Bike Porter.

Bike Porter

The Bike Porter combines cool aesthetics with practical function without corrupting the clean, simple lines of your ride.

By integrating the basket into the handlebar, the Bike Porter offers a sublime transport option which works as part of your bike as well as introducing an evolution in style.


  • Integrated carrying solution
  • Quality, simplicity and style
  • Secure
  • Easy to fit

How it works

The Bike Porter is made from heat-treated alloy tubing and rod, making it lightweight and robust.. It is designed to attach to the stem easily, installing just like any normal handlebar and can be attached to any bicycle using a two part stem (A-head stem).

Bike Porter Information

  • Tube Wall Thickness – 2,5 mm
  • Weight – 1638 g
  • Grip Diameter – 22.2 mm
  • Clamp Diameter – 25.4 mm
  • Shims for fastening – Use stainless steel shims 25.4 to 26.0 or 25.4 to 31.8 mm
  • Material – Heat treated 6061 Aluminium Alloy tubing and rod
  • Stems – Ahead stems

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